DevOps Consultant

DevOps is a methodology designed to align development and operation teams to deliver high-quality software faster. In DevOps since 2021, Divistant offers end-to-end DevOps consulting services to help you achieve the increased frequency and reliability of software releases.

Is It Time to Turn to DevOps Consulting?

Let's identify the issues!

Differences in the configurations of development, testing and production environments.

The slow manual process of providing new IT infrastructure.

Time-consuming infrastructure modifications, software updates and bug fixing.

The lack of collaboration between the teams (development, testing, system administration, and security) resulting in a slow software delivery and low software quality.

Post-release errors affecting user or customer experience or business operations.

A slow and inefficient testing process due to insufficient test automation.

What We Focus on ?

DevOps Maturity Assessment

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DevOps Adoption Roadmap

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DevOps Technical Advisory

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Want to know about the maturity of devops in your company?

Gain insights into your current strengths and weaknesses on your DevOps journey with our online DevOps Maturity Assessment questionnaire

Make Self Assessment of your DevOps Maturity

We develop an assessment model for your organization in various aspects of the IT Spectrum (People, Process, and Tools). This will help you find out more about how the strategy will be implemented by looking at the current situation.